Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Raw Meat - Funky Humpback - Run For Your Life

The Raw Meat, a band that fused jazz with rock and had Jimmy Mack on guitar as a member. The Raw Meat played for an extended period at the Cheetah at 310 West Fifty-second Street in New York City and released this 45 titled "Funky Hump Back" on the Musicor label.

Unfortunately, the band broke up weeks before a promised appearance on The Ed Sullivan show so they never achieved what Blood Sweat and Tears and Chicago accomplished with the same sound.

The Raw Meat - Funky Humpback
The Raw Meat - Run For Your Life

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The RedBoy said...

I tell ya, you step in shit sooo often you should make it a point to where work boots...

Oh, and no Canada...the Brimstones got their fool-asses deported