Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mott The Hoople - Your Own Backyard, Darkness Darkness, Death May BeYour Santa Claus

Ok here’s the other Dion related post:

Mott the Hoople and their best, IMHO, record Brain Capers.

Connection? Mott does Dion's Your Own Backyard.

As well as a nice version of The Youngbloods Darkness Darkness” and their very own Hard Hitting “Death may Be Your Santa Claus”

Mott the Hoople: Most notable known for having members Ian Hunter, who went on to have very successful solo career and Mick Ralphs, who went on to form Bad Company with Free singer Paul Rodgers.

If your not familiar with the whole Mott story clicky here: It gets all David Bowie on ya and shit…


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