Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Aaron Neville - Ape Man

I posted way back when that i used to have this 45 and was looking for another copy for a while and finally turned one up via the interwebs but just got around to scanning the label and putting all the pieces together for a post. You may notice that a lot of my songs have download dates that are from a while back but are just now getting posted. This is because i do not live with my mp3 turntable so I download a bunch all at once so I can post them at a later date... Don't know why that is really relevant but wanted to let you all know... That being said....

I don't really think Mr. Neville needs any introduction 'round these parts...???

Here is a groovy little Northern Soul dance craze number by way of New Orleans Louisiana from 1968.


Aaron Neville - Ape Man


Suzy Norman said...

Hello from London! That's a funky little piece of loveliness. Thanks for sharing.

Devil Dick said...

roman empress, many thanks for stopping by i'm glad your enjoying the ride!

Anonymous said...

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