Monday, March 17, 2008

The Kitchen Cinq - Determination

Here is some serious FUZZ to get your Monday, St. Patty's Day and your week started!

I mean this is REALLY FUZZY!!! The cool thing about it is the fact that the song is actually pretty "poppy" but the fuzz guitar just doesn't quit throughout!!! I mean its so fuzzy it sounds like your speakers are tearing & ripping up!!!

This is a pure surging teen punker! Full on garage, fuzz action!!!

The Kitchen Cinq came from Amarillo and evolved from a group called The Y'Alls, who put out a lone 45 on Ruff records in 1966.

The line-up of The Kitchen Cinq featured the following cool cats: M. Creamer, D. Gardner, D. Smith, John Stark (drums) and Jim Parker. Alas, I can't even tell you all their first names or what instruments they all played, such is the dearth of information on this mighty group!

For a couple of years the group recorded under the auspices of successful songwriter/arranger/producer Lee Hazlewood, issuing a truly fine LP, Everything but... The Kitchen Cinq and a total of five singles all for Hazlewood's LHI label.

Now here's The Kitchen Cinq with Determination!

The Kitchen Cinq - Determination


Suzy Norman said...

This is a bit different. Like and very pleased to see you've added me to your list. Yay!

Devil Dick said...

thank you for the linky over at your pad and the continued support!

Anonymous said...

Their names were
Mark Creamer (gtr,voc)
Dale Gardner
Jim Parker (gtr,voc)
Johnny Stark (dms,voc)
Dallas Smith

Creamer,Parker and Stark weer later in band called Armageddon with an album "Armageddon" on
Amos in 1969. The other member of
Armageddon was bass player Robert
Ledger so presumably Dale Gardner or Dallas Smith was the Kitchen Cinq's bassist.

Davie G.

Anonymous said...

Information garnered from CD Series

Mark Gordon Creamer - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, and Harmonica

James Ervan Parker - Vocals and Guitar

Johnny Joe Stark - Vocals and Drums

James Dallas Smith - Vocals and Bass

Troy Dale Gardner - Vocals

Devil Dick said...

keep the info coming guys i REALLY appreciate it!!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Johnny Stark and I was the founding member of The Kitchen Cinq. We began as The Illusions in Amarillo, Texas.In 1963 we released a single under the Dot label with two ballads, Secrets of Love and Don't put me down.The next year Ray Ruff wanted us to release a single for his RUFF Recard label, a Beatles cover Run For Your Life backed by an original written by Mark Creamer and myself, Please Come Back To Me.We were called The Y'alls on that record. I never did care for the name but what the hell. In 66 I talked the band into moving to California where an old DJ friend Tom Thacker and another friend Red Steagal were working. They got us an audition with Lee Hazelwood and he signed us to his LHI Record label.We released 5 singles and the album Everything But...The Kitchen Cinq during the next year. We made three national tour between 66 and 67. I left the band and toured wioth J. Frank Wilson, Them and others. Mark Creamer, Jim Parker and I met up again in L.A. and under the name and album direction I sugguested we signed with Jimmy Bowen's AMOS Records and released the ARMAGEDDON album. Decca Records who was the distributer for AMOS thought that the name of the album and band as well as the message of the lyrics was too heavy so they didn;t put much of an effort into promoting the band. Again I left and toured with Sonny & Cher on their comeback Las Vegas vision as well as Them, Ike & Tina Turner,Sam & Dave and I recorded with many greats like Ry Cooder, Billy Preston,The Blues Image, The Friends of Distinction,JD Souther, Glen Frey and others. By the way Dallas Smith was the Bassist for The Kitchen Cinq, Dale Gardner was the co-lead vocalist with me. I wrote and sang the lead on DETERMINATION and sang the lead on the Buffy St. Marie tune.

Devil Dick said...

Johnny Stark!
Thanks so much for leaving a comment and the education! Very cool of you to check in! I love this 45!and i really need to to get my hands of a copy of that Armageddon album!

have any old pictures you would like to share? old stories????


Unknown said...

You have made no mention of Kitchen Cinq members Walter Sparman and Russell Williams, who were drummer and bassist respectively in the mid 60s. We worked with Mark Creamer and Jim Parker for several years in California. Glad to hear you guys are still doing it! I am a doctor living and practicing in Hong Kong for many years. I still occasionally play a bit of bass with some of the local boys.
Dr. Russell Williams

Jim Parker said...

Jim Parker of The Kitchen Cinq, Armageddon, The Yall's, Them etc....

Russ Williams and Walt Sparman were a large part of our expansion of muicallity.

Still here after all these years enjoying the music business and the chat going on about our old friends and groups. Life is fantastic with music in it. Wouldn't want to be here without it. I'd love to hear from my old buddies.

I'll bet someone would like to have my preserved record and photo collections of our escapades.

Regards, Jim parker

Unknown said...

Hey Johnny! What about the drummin' "Time Served"? V

MagicManky said...

Jim Parker & Johnny Stark were both prominant on Them's final studio album 'In Reality' (1971), which is a great heavy psych rock album and well worth tracking down.