Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday Digs & "Split Thy Skull" Barley Wine Fest

DJ Pres, the Old Man & DJ Jack the Ripper: Jaw Dropping digs!!!

JJB and i got our asses up at the crack of dawn for a rare weekend dig, by the time we got to "the spot" Pres & Jack were already on scene and digging. I snapped a quick shot of the pair with the elusive "Old Man" for posterity. It was cold and pretty dead. There certainly were a few weirdos running around but I will leave that up to Pres to tell you all about, but the old man had some gold & junk.... i bought both. A few things for the lady, some soul 45's she didn't have yet and some rock Lp's she didn't have, and a few for me as well. I bought a few "girlie" covers and some "Killer Psych" 45 gems according the the old man. (always the salesman) It was cool catching up with everyone as i haven't had a chance lately to dig properly, but such is the life of a caring father of 2 boys!!!

Drinks! for all my friends!

The Devil w/ his Lady Friends: I only roll with HOTTIES!!!

After some digging and breakfast we hit the trail back to Philly for the "Split Thy Skull" barley wine fest. Oi Vey!!! I guess we got there around 2 and left about 6 and after drinking some high gravity beers i made my way over to AKA music for a drunk record buying spree.... I spent way too much $$$ in a highly inebriated state!!!

Here is the beer menu:

Climax Barleywine; 75 IBU; 10% ABV
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot (aged one year); 90 IBU; 9.6% ABV
Nodding Head George's Fault; 10% ABV
Heavyweight Wee Whale; 9% ABV
Sly Fox Ichor; 10% ABV
Great Divide Old Ruffian; 90 IBU; 10.2% ABV
Victory Old Horizontal; 10.5% ABV
Legacy Euphoria; 11% ABV
Weyerbacher Insanity; 11.1% ABV
Flying Fish Bigfish; 80 IBU; 10.5% ABV
Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA; 120 IBU; 20% ABV
General Lafayette The Phantom 2004; 80 IBU; 10.1% ABV

The Sly Fox being the Winner of the day for best in show but ALL were sampled!

I haven't really been posting any of my recent digs due to time but here is the day's totals for Saturday! And i hope to get something posted up later to shake your eardrums!

Eddie Holman - Free Country - Parkway
Dave "Baby" Cortez - Happy Feet - Chess
Otis Redding - I'm Sick Ya'll - Volt
Jr. Walker & the All Stars - Do the Boomerand - Soul
Tommy Tucker - Hi-Heel Sneakers - Checker
Ike & Tine Turner - Funkier Than A Mosquita's Tweeter - Liberty
The Capitols - Cool Jerk - Karen
Solomon Burke - Be Bop Grandma - Atlantic
Ricky Calloway - Payin My Dues - Super (Thanks Pres!)
Little Willie John - Take My Love - King
The Swinging Blue Jeans - Hippy Hippy Shake - Imperial
The Astronauts - Hot-Doggin' - RCA
Sonny Richards "Panics" w/ Cindy & Misty - Voodoo walk - Chancellor
Dyna-Tones - The Skunk - Alto
Terry Knight & the Pack - Got Love - Lucky Eleven
The Tird Rail - No Return - Epic
Small Faces - Tin Soldier - Immediate
Dearly Beloved - You Aint Gonna Do What You Did To Him To Me - Columbia
The Tangerine Zoo - Trip To The Zoo - Mainstream
Cream - Crossroads - Atco
Johnny Cash - Bonanza! - Columbia
Jimmy Reed - Mary-Mary - Vee Jay
The Valentines - Lily Maybelle - Gee


The Escorts - What We Need Is Another Chance
Mandrill - Solid
Sly & the Family Stone - There's A Riot Goin On
Alfred Hitchcock - Ghost Stories for Young People
Music Dynamics to Scare the Hell Out Of Your Neighbors
The Illusion - S/T
JoJo Gunne - Bite Down Hard
JoJo Gunne - Jumpin the Gunne
Ian Carr with Necleus - Solar Plexis
Chicken Shack - 100 Ton Chicken
Chicken Shack - O.K. Ken?
Chicken Shack - Forty Blue Fingers Freshly Packed & Ready To Serve
The Groundhogs - Hogging The Stage
Powertrip - S/T


Anonymous said...

Good music + good beer!

Sounds like an excellent day...

Anonymous said...

And of course, a few hot ladies never hurt either...

Devil Dick said...

the devil does love the ladies!!!

Anonymous said...

i'll have to hit up the fest with you next time!

Devil Dick said...

Please do!

DJ Kool JB said...

An upload of that Escorts lp would be a monumental thing, hope you get a chance to do it.