Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sleepy John Estes - Working Man Blues - Al Rawls

Here's a little something different, some Blues to help get you through the weekend.

I love the blues but i really don't have that much of it on vinyl. It just doesn't turn up that often while digging and when it does its usually some $$$ but here is one i picked up not to long ago. This is by no means a major rarity, but i was pretty happy when i saw it. I've been a fan of Sleepy John for a while now, ever since i heard "Drop Dowm Mama" & "Rats In My Kitchen" on a Blues Legends comp many years ago and this is my 1st of his on actual vinyl. This was released in 1967 and even though it was released in the 60's it does have the pre-war blues feel. Which i personally enjoy more so than post war blues.

There really is nothing i can write about this man that hasn't already been written and to be completely honest i am by no means a writer. I wish i was. I'm only here to share some of my records and hopefully turn some people on to some new old music that people may not have heard yet. And if you have not heard of Mr. Estes or if you'd like to read up on him here is a wikipedia article where you can get the basic facts.

Here are a few of my fave cuts from this fine lp. I hope you enjoy them half as much as i do and i hope everyone has a great great weekend.


Sleepy John Estes - Working Man Blues

Sleepy John Estes - Al Rawls

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