Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Gong - Shamal

can't stop listening to this... Gong - Shamal - Side A -------------- Gong - Shamal - Side B


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, a beautiful beautiful record. So well produced too, it's my go-to disc for trying out hi-fi equipment. 'Wingful Of Eyes' is one of my favourite songs of all time, such a pity this line-up didn't record more material together.
Hadn't seen this sleeve before, must be the U.S. pressing? Different typography & possibly a different desert scene from the European version i have.
If you like the overall mood of this one you'd likely also enjoy Can's 'Future Days' record. Quite different musically, but the atmosphere always reminds me of 'Shamal'.

Devil Dick said...

yep this is the US version w/ diff cover scene. LOVE can as well!
Cheers! DD

David Mo said...

Such an amazing LP !! And the Production is Totally Fab !! Left of the Dial Fusion fromsome AMAZING Players !! Killer Killer Killer