Saturday, January 1, 2022

The Citations - Moon Race

I stopped posting here mostly because i kept finding my posts up on youtube with no credit given to where the scans or music came from. Sorta pissed me off after a while.... (I know real word problems) So i started a youtube chanell and all i got was grirf over there with copyright infringements..... boggles my mind that someone thinks that some dumb 45 that no ones cares about and gets 36 plays on youtube is worth giving a copyright strike but so it goes... anyway, fuck the last few years up the ass with an oversized cactus. I'm over here fighting covid and not giving a shit about much these days. If this offends you in any way go piss up a rope.... old man rant over. enjoy a nice lil surf rocker or not, i don't really care. The Citations - Moon Race


Anonymous said...

Not sure whether you got my comment (left in the Last Chapter Demo post), i hope so.
Wishing you a healthy & happy 2022,

YankeeBoy said...

I must have tried 10 times, using 3 different browsers but Mediafire seems determined not to let me get this. They keep trying to send me to Amazon.

YankeeBoy said...

And not only that but even if I wanted to buy it from Amazon they don't have it!

Deadmandeadman said...

people feel entitled, you know? Its disgusting. I'm new to your site, this is the first thing I saw

Devil Dick said...

try now yankee boy i used a different file hosting site. see if it lets you get it now????

YankeeBoy said...

Sorry I spaced out for a week or so and just tried the new link. Works like a charm. Thank you.

You seem to have a very interesting and eclectic taste in music (a good thing BTW). I am involved with an online radio station that specializes in uncommon music from the 50s and 60s - things that fell between the cracks. I think that you and many of your followers would like what we do. So I hope you don't mind a little promo here. Please check us out.

Devil Dick said...

thanks yankee boy! will check it out!