Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brass Monkey - Brass Monkey - Funky Monkey

Funky 2 sider about a monkey getting on the radio & having his own TV show.... Go figure. The flip is an intrumental version with some killer guitar work. Everyone i know who has or knows this 45 knows nothing about who this Brass Monkey was/Is.....???

Brass Monkey - Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey - Funky Monkey


Calamity Annie said...

Thanks for making a cold grey day much funkier!

Fari said...

Cool! Got an Iranian?

Anonymous said...

Freeman King and Murray Langston, the two names in the writer's credits, were regulars on Sonny * Cher's variety show around the time this was released.

Freeman and Murray, under that name, released a comedy album on Laff. And even later, Murray slipped a bag over his head and called himself the Unknown Comic.

Don't know if they are the performers on this single, but I suspect they are.


Devil Dick said...

whoa.... Thanks JP!