Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bobby Porter - Foxy Devil -

Great Dancing soul cut and a slower soulful cut from Bobby Porter from 1965. This is some killer soul. Anyone have any info on Mr. Porter? It was pretty scrace upon my searching the web....

Bobby Porter - Foxy Devil

Bobby Porter - Searching For Love


Bill said...

I tried the link to 'Foxy Devil' and got this message :

"Sorry, we couldn't find this file.

This file may have been removed by the uploader or a member of our staff, or this address may be incorrect."

Devil Dick said...

sorry about that Bill. That was my fault. I put the URL in wrong! try it now!

Holly said...

Really good! Thank you for sharing.

Aside: WHY won't Blogger let us subscribe to comments via email anymore? Some blogs haven't been affected, but many have...