Friday, March 2, 2012

Endeavors - Goin' Down

These guys have to be white? but not unlike say, Rare Earth these guys funk it up pretty good. If they aint white than these dudes can rock it pretty good. Either way this is some good funk rock w/ some killer guitar work. I can't find anything about this thing either but i see people calling it northern soul??? i mean am i the only one who hears rock and roll in this thing??? any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Enjoy!!!

Endeavors - Goin' Down


ana-b said...

The Endeavors were a Cincinnati group. They did a couple of records for Gambit which was maybe based in Nashville [?]...certainly Allen Orange [credited with 'rhythm' on the 45] was centered there for a long time.

I'm not sure how many records the group made, but it's probably more than the six I can think of off hand.

Several of their cuts can be heard on youtube. Just be sure and spell the name correctly, *wink*.

Devil Dick said...

ha! well that certainly might help huh??? thanks ana-b!

Anonymous said...

Trust me they are not white, I'm one of the original members, we were out of Cincinnati Ohio, members of the group branched out to do other things like play with James Brown, Sir Waldo Weathers did, Charles Glenn went on to play with Motown's Ozone, Jerry Middleton still doing his thing out of Nashville, Rickey Woodard doing the Jazz scene, and me well I played the drums/sung and still do a little something, something in my home studio.

Devil Dick said...

awesome anon!!! thanks for the info! i love this record. you guys rocked it hard! did you all put out anymore records???