Monday, July 6, 2009

The Emotions - Boss Love Maker

Today i give you what the ladies think of the devil... Boss Love Maker.

A trio of sisters with a strong gospel base, the Emotions (based in Chicago) were one of the leading female R&B acts of the '70s. Lead singer Sheila Hutchinson and her sisters Wanda and Jeanette were only teenagers when they crashed the soul charts in 1969 with the engaging "So I Can Love You," but they sang gospel as children and enjoyed secular fame locally before signing with Memphis-based Volt and working with producers Isaac Hayes and David Porter.

The Emotions - Boss Love Maker


sirlordford said...

Clean that damn vinyl first son!

Donna Lethal said...

I have been lax on my DD comments but Boss Love Maker is one of my faves! Thanks for this one.

Devil Dick said...

sir lord, give me a break will ya?
it's a damn 50 cent record pulled out of a moldy box of sand and rocks!

why the nereve of some people....