Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stephen Stills - Old Times Good Times

Keeping in line with my Dion / Jimi Hendrix post: 2 Posts today related to the Dion 45 below:

There is no real need to go into detail about this rock legend is there? Famed for his work in Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills & Nash, and CSNY…

But what does Stephen Still have to do with Hendrix you ask…? Read on….

Here is a record that I have had for many many years and really never gave it too much thought, I mean it’s a good record and all but with all the music out there and with constantly digging up new stuff how many times could you grab this and really get a good listen? It’s not rare and it kinda sat there in my collection until one day for some reason, I think I was making a mix and pulled this out and was thinking of putting “Black Queen” on a mix and I was spot playing the other tracks and started hearing this ripping guitar solo and I was like “whoa, Stills is tearing it up on this” checked the credits and low and behold, it’s Jimi Hendrix!

He is buzzing and tearing all over this thing!!!

A truly historic recording, "Old Times, Good Times" brought together the talents of both Stephen Stills and Jimi Hendrix, both at the height of their careers. Loosely based on the Spencer Davis Group's "I'm a Man," the modified, minor-ninth chord melody works well in contrast to the spiraling chorus turnaround, which allows Hendrix and Stills to trade leads on guitar and organ, respectively. The lyrics are a pure and effective autobiographical statement, where Stills traces his musical progression from his childhood in the South to New York and finally California.

So I’m sending this out to my man dk over at dk presents for his love of all things Hendrix! I’m trying to convince him to start an all Hendrix blog!

Just add this to the million Hendrix related things:

And this may be a track that slipped under your radar so check it out:

Stephen Stills – Old Times Good Times


Anonymous said...

My 1st post didnt hold?

I Love this Cut!!

Where's my Copy, Where's my Copy
OH Where is my copy

I Hate the Rock&Roll Radio Show

Mondo said...

Oh yeah -stoner funk! Love that wah and hammond combo. what a winner

Funky16Corners said...

This tune is an old fave of mine. This LP is up there with that first Crosby solo as a classic.

Devil Dick said...

hey planet thats a nice description
stoner funk!
and yeah Larry, the more i listen the more i ask myself why i never gave this much of a listen. it is pretty damned good.

Play LOUDER! For Best Results said...

Wow great cut! nice post once again!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, I had no idea! Running to my record stacks now to pull this out and throw it on.

Thanks a million for a great tip. Holy shit!

Anonymous said...

It took me almost two days to find this record in my collection, but it was worth the search. So I'm listening along here, and on the fourth track 'Old Times Good Times' at exactly the 1:35 mark, my ears perk up because it's an unmistakable Hendrix riff. And nobody else can do that stuff - just not possible. I've now listened to this track four times in a row - incredible. The organ work sounds like something off of Voodoo Child. Can the rest of this album be this good? Stephen Stills??? Are you kidding me? Amazing!

Devil Dick said...

dk i wasn't sure if you knew about this or not, i know i sat on this for a long time without knowing. thank god i actualy listen to the crap i collect!
Anyway, glad i could point ya in this direction!

Anonymous said...

I've been spinning this album daily since your post tipped me off about it.

It was collecting dust on a shelf downstairs, and now is one of the house favorites here. As far as I'm concerned, that's better than a Christmas present... thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, I've never heard it before.

Stephen Stills has a wonderful, soulful voice. You can hear it at it's best on "Four Days Gone" by Buffalo Springfield—one of my favourite Springfield recordings, even though it's just him playing solo on piano—and on the same band's "Questions" and "Hung Upside Down".

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that that's not Booker T Jones on organ on "Old Times, Good Times?" He's listed on the credits for the album but not for any particular tracks so there's no way to know for sure, besides asking the them. That organ style and tone sounds a lot like something Booker T Jones would play, and this is coming from someone who owns every Booker T. & the MGs album. Anyways, that would be pretty awesome to have Stills, Hendrix, and Jones4 playing on the same track.

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget Eric Clapton on Think I'll Go Back Home. This is the only album that both Hendrix and Clapton contrubuted to.

And...Richie on drums who is actually Ringo Starr. Read the crdits on this record. Stills had impeccable taste in session guys and backup singers.