Sunday, June 19, 2016

Equus - Black Widow / The Desert Song

Unknown hard rocker from Equus. Year unknown.

PS - added the A side by Anon request.

Equus - Black Widow

Equus - The Desert Song


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A little extra info from an e-bay auction by a seller called venusdevinyl:

EQUUS -- Black Widow / The Desert Song -- 1979 U.S. 45 single. Private Press 45 by Equus, a Las Vegas, Nevada area band who only recorded a handful of songs, of which this seems to be the only 45 released.
A-side "Black Widow" is ballzy Hard Rock anthem about a bad, bad girl with screaming guitars; B-side very good Hard Rock - AOR - Prog number about mystical trip to the desert, more screaming guitars, in a kinda Kansas meets Blue Oyster Cult vein.


Anonymous said...

Any chance to hear the other side?
Description of "Kansas meets Blue Oyster Cult" has me very interested.

Devil Dick said...

the flip has been added!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for adding Side 2!!