Friday, June 3, 2016

Roy Johnson And The Outlaws - Forgive Me Baby

Great funky lo-fi soul jam from Roy Johnson and the Outlaws. I have no idea who Mr. Johnson was/is, nor anything about his Outlaws, but i reckon he fashioned himself a James Brown wanna be.... Heh. I love this tune and slight ineptness and lo-fi sound. Dudes with some drinks and just jamming it out hard. This is one of the first 45's i picked up years ago when i started to think out of the box of record collecting and picking up things i knew nothing about but looked cool. I think i paid a dollar at a thrifty store. Score.

Roy Johnson And The Outlaws - Forgive Me Baby

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prunalogsusan said...

diggin it HARD! heck yeah, this is a score! thanks again fer sharing all these