Friday, September 23, 2011

22 New Songs: The Excellents, The Elchords, The Cadillacs, Ron Holden, Joe Hinton, Ronnie Love, The Blue-Belles, Safaris, Little Willie John, Etc...

A bunch more 45's i picked up recently. I figure if i don't start putting these up in bulk i am never going to get to all the crap i have... I'm going to try to bunch some 45's like this on the reg.... Anyway, there is a nice mix of music here of all different styles from 1955 to the early 60's, if you can't find something you like in this bunch you should move along and never come back...

The Excellents - Coney Island Baby

The Excellents - Why Did You Laugh

Elchords – Peppermint Stick

The Cadillacs - Gloria

The Cadillacs - I Wonder Why

Ron Holden - My Babe

Ron Holden - Love You So

Joe Hinton - Love Sick Blues

Joe Hinton - You Know It Aint Right

Ronnie Love - No Use Pledging My Love

Ronnie Love - Chills And Fever

The Blue-Belles - I Sold My Heart To The Junkman

The Blue-Belles - Itty Bitty Twist

The Safaris - Image Of A Girl

The Safaris - 4 Steps To Love

Little Willie John - Until Again My Love

Little Willie John - Mister Glenn

Chris Powell And The Blue Flames - Goodbye Little Girl

Chris Powell And The Blue Flames - Chinatown

The 3 Friends- Happy As A Man Can Be

The 3 Friends - Dedicated (To The Songs I Love)

Micki Marlo - Little By Little


Jerry Lee said...

Excellent sides Dick, thanks. "Gloria" is one of my all time favorites, and the Fabulous Thunderbirds did a good cover of "My Babe".

lolley said...

I love these, especially Little Willie John! But one of the links takes you to "4 Steps to Love" instead of "Until Again My Love".

thanks for sharing!!! This is my favorite music blog ever.

Devil Dick said...

thanks guys! and thanks lolley for the heads up! that link is now fixed! and by the way your art is pretty amazing!

Holly said...

Little Willie, Ronnie Love & Chris Powell get my votes ;-)