Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mother Night - S/T

Funky progressive latin soul jazz rock mix from NYC circa 1972. Some cool guitar work here and there.... Not my fave record of the day but it has some moments... Some of it gets a little long winded in the jazz/prog progessions and i wish they highligted the guitar a bit more. The horns reach a little into the Chicago (the band not the city) area too.... Meh. This coulda been a little bit more funky but as i said before it has some moments. Check it out!

Side A:
Mother Night - Scuffle

Mother Night - Today's Another Day

Mother Night - Julie Nixon

Mother Night - Utopia

Mother Night - Take A Trip

Side B:
Mother Night - Fools Are You

Mother Night - Warm Spot

Mother Night -Groupie

Mother Night - Guitar Man

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Anonymous said...

Back in my DJ days in the 70's Ii used to play "Julie Nixon." Thanks for bringing it back.