Friday, April 29, 2011

Streetwalkers - Red Card - (A Few Tracks)

A minor curiosity here because Streetwalkers featured ex-Family members Roger Chapman and Charlie Whitney and future/current Iron Maiden Drummer Nicko McBain, this was The Streetwalkers one and only UK hit LP, charting at No. 16 in the summer of '76.

Pretty standard stuff. A few "rockers" but nothing special. Pretty typical of that year (1976) when most of the heavy rockers were all going for a more polished sound. Sounds a BIT like some later era Nazareth or some shit... A bargain bin purchase only... Unless you are down w/ mediocre mid 70's rock....

There is an uptempo cover of Otis Blackwells

I also include the back photo of the band with Nico in it because he is such a handsome man....

Streetwalkers - Run For Cover

Streetwalkers -Daddy Rolling Stone

Streetwalkers- Crazy Charade

Streetwalkers - shotgun Messiah

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