Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Unknowns - Peith's Song

The Unknowns are so unknown that i don't even know who they are.... ok, that is a lie. I didn't look very hard.... but what i did find was that Paul Revere, Mark Lindsay ( On the A side) & Keith Allison all from Paul Revere and the Raiders had something to do with this record. And that the title ‘Peith’s Song’ should possibly be "Keith's Song" since his name is on the writing credits... Anyway this is a cool little rockin' instrumental w/ some cool guitar work from 1966..

The Unknowns - Peith's Song


Coop said...

Hey man, rockin' new podcast for the holiday weekend here:

Devlin Thompson said...

It's Steve Alaimo with some Raiders:

"While at Atco, Alaimo produced and recorded a covert hit with a studio group called The Unknowns, a star trio which consisted of Alaimo, Mark Lindsey, and Keith Allison, the latter two of The Raiders. Confirms Alaimo, "Mark Lindsey and Paul Revere had co-written a ballad called 'Melody For An Unknown Girl' [BB #74, '66]. However, this was not a song that the Raiders could do. It came out on Marlin first, distributed by Parrot, then on the Parrot label. The saxophone solo on that song was played by none other than Bill Justis."

The Raiders did record it, but just as an album cut on MIDNIGHT RIDE (also, I think it's on GREATEST HITS as well).

Devil Dick said...

many thanks for the info Devlin!!!