Thursday, December 22, 2011

Truk - Truk Tracks

Band Members:

J. Martin (Moby) Anderson, bass & vocals
Danny Cornett, drums & vocals (original drummer)
Bill (Willie) Daffern, drums & vocals (on last 4 songs cut--lead vocal on Winter's Coming On)
George Michael (Mike) Graham, lead vocal
James Patrick (Pat) Graham, organ & vocals
Glenn Ray Townsend, guitar & vocals

"Criminally overlooked hard-rock with some psych elements thrown in and great multi-layered vocals. No one seems to know this..."

"A hard rock outfit from Oklahoma, with histrionic vocals and loud organ. Their album contains a cover of "Gun's Yellow Cab Man"; the other cuts are self-penned. "You" is a beautiful ballad.

In 1973 Glenn Townsend resurfaced with Johnny Rivers and later Willy Daffern played with the reformation of Captain Beyond."

"A lost little slab o' sludgy early 70s rawk from Truk -- who, as far as we know, only ever cut this one LP for Columbia Records. Truk obviously had a pretty strong affinity for the trailblazing trudge of titans like Cream, and the powerful, messy drunken genius of early Guess Who. It's the kind of record where the drums and electric guitar crunch buries the sound right into the middle of your chest when it's played loud enough. The sound was surely found at a dime-a-dozen in '71, but they sure don't make them like this today! 10 tracks, including "Country Woman", "Got To Find A Reason", "Pretty Lady", "Yellow Cab Man", "Silence Ending", "Max", "Sun Castle Magic" and more."

"Dewey Martin produced Truk and later became a mechanic. In the late '70s he also played sessions on a Hoyt Axton album. Buddy Emmons kept on recording hundreds of country sessions, Harvey Kegan rejoined Doug Sahm and Augie Meyer, and Steve Lefever became a session man, notably with Alexander Harvey. Darnell, Bradstreet and Alden are currently playing in country-rock outfit The Electric Range."

"Truk Traks Album cover picture shot at the East-West Truck Terminal in Orange County during a strike by the Teamsters. The L.A.P.D. was called by the security dude, who was not told we had permission to shoot the pictures."

All of the above info is stolen from CROTCHBAT. The record and rip are mine...

Truk - Truk Tracks


crotchbat said...

Awesome - thanks for this new rip, DD!

One of my favorite things about having a music blog is that sometimes you get comments from the original band members. Moby Anderson left me this comment back in 2006:


Loved your comments about Truk, and it was very nice to hear our old song, Max.
The song Max was named for a bartender in Tulsa that did not like LOUD music. We were playing in an very long and narrow club and the bar was directly across from the bandstand. Max would continually ask us to "Turn down". Plus, he really hated loud drums. So, when we came up with this song, we named it for him. Glenn and I came up with the original 'licks'; Danny added drum solos, etc.. We actually arranged it in the studio. The vocals were added later. MAX was recorded with the original producer, Sonny Knight.

BTW the album was recorded in 1970, not 1971. We were in the studio in the spring with Sonny Knight producing.

Then we recorded 4 songs during the summer with Dewey Martin producing. Those 4 tracks were recorded with lead vocals at the same time as the instruments, which made for a much more 'together' song. Willie D had replaced Danny on drums for those sessions.
note: Original name for the group was "No Large Trucks", Mike has seen a sign in a bowling alley parking lot on the way to a gig and we looking for a name for the group----we eventually shortened it to Truck...then when we changed personnel, I talked the group into changing it to TRUK--just seemed a good idea. Since we had lost our 'C' (Danny's last name) from the original group. In retrospect, I should have kept my mind shut. TRUCK was a much better name.
J. Martin (Moby) Anderson, bassist

Devil Dick said...

Right on Crotchbat!!!
Awesome extra info from the source! By the way, your blog rules!!! thanks for letting me steal your info!