Friday, September 3, 2010

Plastic People - Rejection

I used the flip to this is a mix i did like one trillion years ago... You can find that HERE: if you want. It was part of my 2nd mix ever, a nice cellection of rockers!

The A side is a totally different vibe than the b side, it is a more mellow intrumental jam...

Here is the lowdown in Plastic People:

Plastic people formed in 1967 by Guitarist, lyricist, and vocalist John Earl Walker, three years later they changed the name of the band to “Plum Nelly” who recorded several albums for Capitol Records in the mid-'70s, and gained national exposure opening shows for B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Alice Cooper, and Iggy Pop, to name just a few.

Funny there should be an Alice Cooper connection because i am going to see him this Sunday down in Atlantic City NJ! Still one of my all time faves after all these years!


So i have some bogus info here: jan was nice enough to leave a comment correcting me. Check the comments for the REAL deal!

& Thanks Jan!

Plastic People - Rejection


jan, Nijmegen, Holland said...

hi Devil Dick,

You got your bands mixed up; this Plastic People has nothing to do with PLum Nelly or John Earl Walker, it is a commercial pop group from Holland that enjoyed some success over here in 1969/1972. What you have there is there only real hitsingle from 1970, Look at the neame at the label, don´t they seem Dutch?

greetings, jan

Devil Dick said...

Jan, Thanks for for clearing that!


Timmy said...

A sleep inducing relic from The First Egyptian rennesaince.