Friday, May 2, 2008

The Devil's Music Devil Dick Mix - Vol. 2 - RAWK POWER!!!

Happy Friday/weekend people!!!

Wow! After Vincent's HEATER of a mix i thought i'd continue on with some more "RAWK POWER"!!! and bring some noise in the form of some nice guitar driven action!!! and of course as always brought to you on glorious original VINYL!!! (but i didn't have to tell you that did i?)

Here's a few new things i threw together for your ears, eyes, & mind, consisting of a few things i picked up recently along with a few of some of my fave rockers!!!

So strap in, hit the start switch & please enjoy The Devil's Music Mix - Ship on the Ocean, Time is Now! - RAWK POWER!!! Mix!!!!

1. Asterix - If I Could Fly: Asterix was a direct predecessor of Lucifer's Friend; released one (eponymous) album in 1970. Technically, this was the first Lucifer's Friend album, only under a different name. Also, one single was released featuring a slightly altered line-up. This cut is from that single. This a fairly new addition to the devil's archives and a cut i've been looking for for many years!

2. Jeronimo - Heya: German band Jeronimo was founded in 1969 and in '69/'70 they had their first two hits "He Ya" and "Na Na Hey Hey". With these two chartbreakers, Jeronimo climbed to the number 1 position in almost all European countries. This cut is from the 1st 45.

3. Groundhogs - Ship On The Ocean: One of my favorite songs of all time hence the sub or pre title of this mix: The Groundhogs were one of the finest of the British blues based rock bands of the 60’s & 70’s, this cut can be found on what IMHO is their finest moment, the awesome “Thank Christ for the Bomb” lp, however this particular cut is from the 45 and as above one of my all time faves.

4. Jericho Jones - Time Is Now: Jericho Jones were an Israeli band founded in 1965 under the name The Churchills , and was active until the mid-70s, later shortening the name to just Jericho. They were part of the rhythm bands scene that were active in Israel in the 70s, especially in Ramala. They played rock music in English, from psychedelic rock to hard rock. This is an awesome piece of Israeli hard rock!

5. Dust - Chasin' Ladies: At the dawn of the '70s, hard rock and early heavy metal were almost completely dominated by British innovators. Dust was one of the few American bands to try picking up the gauntlet, playing a progressive brand of proto-metal that was explicitly indebted to their British contemporaries. Formed around 1968, the group featured vocalist/guitarist Richie Wise and the teenaged rhythm section of bassist Kenny Aaronson (who also doubled on slide and steel guitars) and drummer Marc Bell, who would later become part of the New York punk scene, joining up with Richard Hell & the Voidoids and then moving on to the Ramones (adopting the name Marky Ramone). Some serious power trio action on this cut from the 1st self-titled lp.

6. Cactus - One Way Or Another: The plan was for the Vanilla Fudge rhythm section of bassist Tim Bogert and drummer Carmine Appice to join with guitar god Jeff Beck and his singer Rod Stewart in a supergroup of sorts. The plan was derailed when Beck had a motorcycle accident that incapacitated him for 18 months. Stewart then joined pal Ron Wood in the revamped Faces (and pursued a somewhat lucrative solo career), leaving Bogert and Appice to find alternates for their dream band. They recruited guitarist Jim McCarty from Mitch Ryder's disassembling Detroit Wheels, and singer Rusty Day from Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes. And thus “Cactus” was born.

7. Savoy Brown - She's got a ring in his nose and a ring on her hand: Savoy Brown were another great British Blues based rock band from the 60's & 70's, with Lonesome Dave Peverett later of Foghat handling vocal duties on this snazy little ditty.

8. B. Lance - John The Rollin' Man: Here is some excellent rural, backwoods-vibed Folk-Rock to further ease you down from the heavy rock ledge!
This cut is from his one and only album from 1972 on Atlantic records called "Rollin' Man". The B. is short for Bob.

9. Plastic People - Dancin' & Drinkin': Plastic people formed in 1967 by Guitarist, lyricist, and vocalist John Earl Walker, three years later they changed the name of the band to “Plum Nelly” who recorded several albums for Capitol Records in the mid-'70s, and gained national exposure opening shows for B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Alice Cooper, and Iggy Pop, to name just a few.
Dancin' and Drinkin' - what better way to end this mix...???

The Devil's Music Mix - Vol. 2 - RAWK POWER!!!


Devil Dick said...

no one 'round here likes Rock & Roll...???


Mondo said...

Funnily enough I tried to leave a comment earlier but got some nuts google error - I'm catching up on a backlog of tasty mixes, and have been hammering this today - the late sixties early seventies mix of sg guitar , sideburns and grandad shirt sound is a belter played it twice on the bounce

Anonymous said...

Bob Lance wrote "The House That Jack Built" for Thelma Jones which didn't sell but the songg ws later recorded by Aretha Franklin.
Atlantic gave him an album deal on the strength of that.

I'm a bit bewildered by your write up on The Plastic People - they seem to be a Dutch oufit. "Dancin .." is credited on the original single as being written by J.A. Kruyswijk - producer credits are given as "Bert Van
Rheener for GTB Recordings"

MAybe your writeup relates to a
different Plastic People.

Davie G.