Monday, September 6, 2010

Drunk Driver - Knife Day - January 2nd

Enjoying Labor Day!!!???!!!

I'm glad kids these days are still making fucked up noise... & this is about as fucked up and noisey as it gets!!!

Too bad these cats have already broken up... i read something fucked up shit about the break up...

Thanks Big Tim!

Now get drunk and break shit no work today!!!!

Drunk Driver - Knife Day

Drunk Driver - January 2nd


Lightning Baltimore said...

Holy fuck! I gotta look for this baby!

PosthuMouse said...

+2500000000 points for the label's reference to Korean fan death. Keep that window open. Also, if'n ya dig crazy noises, these guys are from right up around you (Rhode Island, I think)... Catch a show. I hear they're pretty badass live.

Gene Quagmire said...

"January 2nd" might be one of my favorite songs of all time.

Devil Dick said...

its pretty freakin' awesome!