Friday, June 18, 2010

Hellfest & Devil Dick Asbury Park 45 Session Live Mix

Hello People! Here is where i will be for the weekend! In France @ Hellfest heavy Music Festival!!! Me and my band Solace will be Playing Sunday morning in the Terrorizer tent!!! And while i play in a Metal band you can see by this music blog my musical taste is pretty wide. One of the styles of muisc that i have really become a big fan of over the years is Funk & Soul. My man DJ Prestige over at Flea Market Funk Blog puts on a great DJ night here in NJ called the Sbury Park 45 Sessions where he and his group of great DJ's spin nothing but the best funk and soul and on nothing but 45's. They are a great bunch of guys and they asked me to participate in the last one and all the live sets were recorded. So if you want to check out what i spun and actually hear the tunes head over to Flea Market Funk and check out the The Asbury Park 45 Sessions Live: Devil Dick Mix
It is presented to you live and raw! Audio glitches included! Make sure you check out the other live mixes already posted by Funky 16 Corners Larry Grogan and DJ Prestige himeself and stay tuned for the rest of the DJ mixes coming soon!!!

I'll see you all when i get back from France!!!

I'm hoping i get to meet Alice Cooper!!!

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thisistomorrow said...

really diggin your set at the asbury 45 sessions!!! have a nice one in france...