Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guadalcanal Diary - Litany (Life Goes On )

I see life like a mirror
And I see life so much clearer

We move so quickly
Who knows where the time goes
Where does this road lead?
No one knows, no one knows

Listen to the single heart beating
Rhythm for an ever-changing song

I see life with surprise
And I see life, oh, in your eyes

Take all your troubles
Put them in a common file
Light a fire with reason
Watch it rise, watch it rise

Listen to the single voice singing
Lifted in an ever-growing song

I see life without anger

I see life all together
I see life go on forever

Life goes on forever
Life goes on

I'm not a huge 80's Alternative Rock guy. In 87 when this record came out and i was in my Hardcore days i would have most likely made fun of this but a few years ago when i was making tapes i put this song on one i made for my kids and it has been long time fave for me and the boys since then. (the tape & the song) So on this Fathers day i send this one out to my Sons who are all i need as a gift on this Fathers day!

Guadalcanal Diary - Litany (Life Goes On )


Anonymous said...

you gotta admit tho, it's got some way good pounding drums on this great song....thanks!

Anonymous said...

great song and great band...and yes, some bada** drumming. my band opened for guadalcanal diary at tipitina's in new orleans in the late 80's. all i could do was watch john poe bang his 4 piece kit...also murray blew his amp and finished the night on my fender twin...the good ol' days.