Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fearns Foundry - Now I Taste The Tears

Lately i 've been on a kind of "outsider" kick and while i don't know much about Fearns Foundry, there is almost ZERO out there other than a few copies of this 45 for sale, this certainly has a real outsider quality. This a real weird downer of a tune that rivals my posts on The Poppy Family or Bill Withers for weird and downer tunes.

Anyone have any info on the record or can point me in the direction of some more oddball, downer, weird and outsider stuff like this please drop the 411 on the devil. thnx!

Fearns Foundry - Now I Taste The Tears


dk said...

There's a cd compilation out there called Songs In The Key Of Z that's all outsider stuff - a real trip.

Also check out Wesley Willis. He was a blind, 300lb homeless musician/artist. He sings about stuff like McDonald's and freaking out on the bus, and he made tons of albums - great stuff.

dk said...

The Legendary Stardust Cowboy is another outsider who made some trippy music. It was him and Iggy Pop who inspired Bowie to come up with the name Ziggy Stardust.

Daniel Johnston's another artist to check out, depending on how you're scoring "outsider"...

Devil Dick said...

yeah thanks DK but i know all those folks already those key of z comps are cool but cover the mainstrean of outsider... i'm looking for real downer obscure stuff like song poem stuff and private press odd ball junk. and i mean junk in the best possible way...

DK whips a donkeys ass!

paul said...

try the tinklers. they have a couple albums from the 80s that sort of sound like a much more primitive version of this (or specifically the beginning)

the albums are on experimentaletc

Chuckie Jo said...

I used to live above a Wicker Park loft where Wesley Willis sometimes stayed. One time, smoke was curling around their ceiling so he and his pal thought our place upstairs was on fire. (It was actually from burnt toast in their toaster.) Our deadbolted door literally came flying off its hinges followed by a giant, cross-eyed black man come to save us... Anyhow:

I'm sure you're hip to the 365 Days Project, but I offer a shout-out to it nonetheless since it has done fans of outsider tunes such a great service. I also recommend comps like Wavy Gravy, Sin Alley, Arf Arf, Big Itch, International Vicious Society, Madness Invasion, etc.

yatrecords said...

NOW I TASTE THE TEARS was a Buzz Clifford song, that as far as I know, was done earlier by THE SMITH on COLUMBIA; the Fearns Foundry version is great, and the flip LOVE SINK & DROWN has almost a Northern Soul quality to it. John Bryant one of the writers of the flip side had some music on Polydor later, including a single, Woodbine Annie,
skip groff
yesterday and today records

Devil Dick said...

thanks for that info skip!

Holly said...

I have no info for you, but I love this song - thanks for sharing!

You might like Bobb Trimble - try his Iron Curtain Innocence lp.

I also find the Mamas & the Papas' "Twelve Thirty(Young Girls are Coming to the Canyon) wildly creepy - and it segues well with that Poppy Family tune :-)

Boursin said...

This is a British band. The British release, on Decca, is credited to "Fearns Brass Foundry".

It's from 1968, as was the original US version by The Smiths (!!!) - not to be confused with Smith, who had a hit a bit later with a cover of the Shirelles' "Baby It's You".

Jason Odd said...

The Smiths on Columbia actually evolved into Smith who cut "Baby It's You" for Dunhill. Founder members Jerry Carter and Rich Cliburn were in both bands.
everyone seems to remember the chick singer Gayle McCormick (well, she sang the hit stuff), while Carter and Cliburn... not so much.
A couple of interesting dudes, cut a heap of garage band 45s under varius names in the mid 60s and Rich worked in the Id which cut an LP for RCA.

Speaking of kinda downer, have you heard the Mayo Thompson LP from 1970?... it's a nice wrist slasher, he used to be in the Red Crayola, which still rises its head to make a record every now and then.

Not the same band, but related all the same.


Devil Dick said...

I have not heard that LP. Thanks for the heads up and thanks for stopping by!