Thursday, January 22, 2009

Forward to the Caves 1/22/09 Play List:

witch mountain - come to the mountain
blood farmers - bullet in my head
circus 2000 - when teh sun refuses to shine
hellhammer - triumph of death
aphrodites child - the four horseman
silver apples - ocillations
banchee - child of the universe

morgen - welcome to the void
poobah - mr. destroyer
power of zeus - in the night
rare bird - hammerhead
silberbart - head tear of the drunken son

Yesterday's Children - Sad Born Loser
Eire Apparent - The Clown
J.D. Blackfoot - Epitaph For A Head
Kanibal Komix - Neurotic Reaction
Serindipity - I'm Flying
The Orange Bycicle - Trip On An Orange Bycicle
The Smoke - Utterly Simple
D.R. Hooker - The Sea
The Move - Baby Blue
SRC - A New Crusader
SRC - Midnight Fever


Anonymous said...

Wow, JD Blackfoot and DR Hooker on the same playlist!

Very apocalyptic...

The Wolfmen said...

Love that list - have you heard Aphrodites Child - Magic Mirror

Anonymous said...

When you get a chance SUCKA check the silly GHEYSPACE, all updated
PS I rule
now answer your fanmail over there

daviso said...

What no aviso'hara? DD
Linking your ass over here too -

You should make a podcast out of your show if you don't already. hook it up. later - Daviso