Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Tomko's - The Spook

For many a year now I've had the (un)pleasure to have lunch with Deacon Brimstone as we work in the same "Hell Hole" and since we found out early on that each of us play in a band and each of us have this strange affliction.... Vinyl addiction. We've always sorta "hung out" together even taking 1/2 a day off yesterday and do some vinyl digging round the northern tip of NJ... (Gonna post my scores later if i can find the time)

And while we don't see eye to eye on many issues one of the things we always agree on is "Monster" records and our love of them.

When we started hanging out and talking records i realized i had a lot of catching up to do in the monster record category. See, his Monster collection is pretty impressive and i started trying to find as many as i could to fill my voids. And here is one that has avoided me for many a years until i stumbled upon this rare gem in a lot of six 60's "Pop" records. A bid later and a few dollars i scored the lot and waited anxiously for my records to arrive.

Well here it is:

I don't know much about "The Tomko's" maybe Mr. Brimstone can chime in on that but i do know this is a pretty wild and "spooky" 45. Screams, howls, cries, wind & wailing and screeching sax and some insane laughter make this a real nutty rocker!

So strap yourself in on this beautiful Saturday afternoon for a wild fun-house type ride!!!


The Tomko's - The Spook


Lars Shalom said...

hhmmm inrteresrting name

The RedBoy said...

A tip of the old bean to Mr. Devil. Don't know much about the Tomkos. I do know the record is from 63' and was issued under the same catalog number (5003) w/ two different flips - Spook pt 2 & Carol (Instro)

Mondo said...

Gotta repost that for Halloween

PS DD - drop me a line here about the PM Funky Friday guest blog spot (or give Fufu Vince a shout he's got my details) - got a 'Mr and Mrs'idea I want to run by you

John Spithead said...

What a great tune. Thanks for posting it. Enjoying your blog immensely.

John (

Devil Dick said...

Thanks guys!

25,000 posts and going strong!!!

Planet M check yer email!!!

Devil Dick said...

"hits" i meant "hits"....