Monday, April 28, 2008

Runnin' With The Devil - A Guest Mix Presented by Fufu Stew!!!

Happy Monday people or if you here on the East Coast happy wet Monday as it appears to be raining from Maine all the way to FLA....

But never fear we have something very special here to keep you indoors and dry for at least a little while, a very special guest mix by my man vincent from over at FuFu Stew and while most folks know him as a soul & funk cat, believe me his knowledge goes as deep as his crates when it comes to ALL kinds of wax.... Don't believe me? Just look at this mix!!!!!!!

I'd like to take this time to thank him for stopping over at the devil's music, for his hard work putting this together is HIGHLY appreciated! So without further ado, a few words from our sponsor!

Hello, kiddies.

I must say thank you to the mighty Devil Dick for allowing me to share this post with you. It's a far cry from the usual Funk and Soul that I normally serve up in the Fufu Stew kitchen, so fasten your seatbelts for I'm about to take you on a very loud and very fast ride.

Dateline: 1991... those were the days. Just old enough to drink, the club scene was far superior than it is now (here in Baltimore at any rate), and the botanical refreshments were much cheaper... My taste in music was much different then too. The flavour of the day was Industrial, Goth and in some cases even a little bit of Metal. The common thread being loud and fast grooves that would have one flailing around on the dance floor with reckless abandon. The mix that I give to you is a sample of what was piercing my ear drums when I went out to dance.

Runnin' With The Devil

Introspeak from the motion picture "Head"

01 Can You Dig It-Pop Will Eat Itself (RCA). I'm starting off kind of easy with this funky little alternative ditty from 1990 that was a definite floor filler when we went to Cignel on Friday nights.

02 No Name No Slogan-Acid Horse (Wax Trax). Here's one of the many and various side projects commandeered by Ministry's Al Jourgensen, this time a collab with Punk legends Cabaret Voltaire.

03 Headhunter-Front 242 (Wax Trax). It wasn't a good night in the clubs if you didn't hear at least one track from the kings of the Industrial scene. It was a special night if they played this one, one of my all tine favourites from 1989.

04 A Screw-The Swans (Some Bizarre). Here's a classic for the Goth freaks, with a surprisingly funky groove to counteract the droning guitar and sinister vocal.

05 Envoye-The Young Gods (Wax Trax). The first time I heard this Swiss outfit, I knew that I was in for a full on sonic assault. A generous helping of Industrial that kept both the Goths on the floor and the moshers in the pit.

06 Age Of Greed-Killing Joke (Noise International). This track from 1990 saw the return of the old Killing Joke style that was popular in the early 80s. Lyrically, it explains Jaz Coleman's displeasure of the direction the band was going in when most Punk acts were switching over to dance music. I was fortunate to get to see the band during this tour, and I can assure you the sound was loud and maniacal...

07 The Great American Nightmare-Rob Zombie Feat. Howard Stern (Warner). Although this track was released in 1996, the sound presented within certainly fits the overall Industrial theme.

08 950-Hilt (Nettwerk). Here's a side project from Canada's Skinny Puppy. I think this release from 1991 is their only effort.

09 You-Bad Brains (CD Presents). Here's one of Bad Brains' first recordings, taken from the comp "Rat Music For Rat People". The tempo on this one is much faster than the version on the "Black Dots" comp.

10 In My Veins-Prong (Spigot). Here's the metal portion of the show, taken from the Primitive Origins EP released in 1987.

11 The Nile Song-Zen Guerilla (Union Hall). Wind down just a bit with this ultra rare 45 from 1993. The music on this Pink Floyd cover is still loud enough though...

12 Babylon's Burning-The Ruts (RSO). Getting back to the early Punk stuff, here's a track from the Times Square soundtrack from 1980.

13 Fearless Vampire Killers-Bad Brains (Abstract). A pure Bad Brains staple, enough said...

14 Hold On-My Name (C/Z). Here's the first of three offerings from the storied "Teriyaki Asthma" EPs which saw the recording debut of Grunge legends Nirvana, along with other notables such as Alice Donut and L7.

15 Self Destruct-UK Subs (New Red Archives). I've had this Punk classic stuffed in the back of the crates for decades. For the first time in over ten years I pulled it out picking a random track to include here.

16 Forkboy-Lard (Alternative Tentacles). From the classic "The Last Temptation Of Reid", Ministry meets the Dead Kennedys. Enough said...

17 Pablo Picasso-Burning Sensations (San Andreas). I just recently saw "Repo Man" on cable a few weeks back which prompted me to pull out the soundtrack, hence this track's inclusion.

18 Solid Alligators-Yeast (C/Z). Here's one from the first "Teriyaki Asthma" EP...

19 The Radiated-Helios Creed (Amphetamine Reptile). With a name like Helios Creed, it's got to be good. It helps that we were long time Chrome fans too...

20 The Head Talks Cheese-Pitbull Babysitter (C/Z). Here's the last of the TA selections. This one comes from Vol. 2

21 Loose-Birthday Party (Strange Fruit). This Stooges cover is by far my all time favourite track from the mighty Nick Cave. It was recorded for the first of two John Peel sessions back in 1981.

22 Brothers Grimm (Live)-The Cult (Beggars Banquet). I finish up with this fairly rare track, recorded live at the Lyceum back in 1983. Some of you may still have the old Dreamtime cassette which contained the complete performance. If so, lucky you, because apparently they're pretty hard to come by. This one came from the b side of the Go West 12".

By now, you should be well exhausted...

Please download and enjoy Runnin' With The Devil, 71 MB

Here's the link to the mp3 file

Here's the link to the zip file

Again, I'm glad that I got to do this one for you. After a steady diet of Funk 45s for the past three years, hearing these old joints again was quite a welcome change of pace. It sure helped to relieve some of the stress that I've been under the past few weeks. I'll have to dig out some more of this stuff for another mix in the near future.

Peace and blessings.

Thank you Vincent!
I hope you all enjoyed this wild, raucous and noisy ride?
I know i did~!


Anonymous said...

as a backup... here's the REAL link to the mp3 file:


Anonymous said...

"The Nile Song-Zen Guerilla"
Awesome Choice

some other great ones

Pefect title

The RedBoy said...

It's about time mean ole' mister Devil learnt about the Birthday Party

Mondo said...

Hey Vince that's another fine Fufu mix. Love that PWEI tune - what a belter and Bad Brains too. What was the early version of that band that did a great version of 'These Boots Were Made For Walking'?

Devil Dick said...

That was "Pure Hell" from Philly....

But that's not the same band or did i miss something???????????

Anonymous said...

@PM, I dunno' about "These Boots" although I probably should.

@redboy, I couldn't agree more. My all time fave has got to be "Prayers On Fire", scary business!!!

@eyeeatmusic, it was a real struggle trying to pick the right Zen track to play. I'm glad you approve of my choice. I almost pulled out "Get It". Might have to do that one next time...

Devil Dick said...

this mixy was just linked here:


Devil Dick said...

listening to this again at work now and man-o-man it would have fit perfect to hear some "my life with the thrill kill kult" on this baby!

Thanks again Vincent!

Mondo said...

DD - Pure Hell that's the kiddies. I think one of the members from Pure Hell was in Bad Brains

Anonymous said...

Ive seen Pure Hell x2 in Philly doing reunion shows in Philly
Dont know if you remember Tom but that guy who we watched Blue Cheer with was In Pure Hell
the guy with the dreads losing his Shit up front

Devil Dick said...

i remember, yes indeed.

Simon said...

"Times Square" wow I'd almost forgotten that film. That was a huge film in mine and my best friend's life. Nicky was a big heroine of ours.

Time to search it out and see it again.

Good mix!

Anonymous said...

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