Saturday, April 2, 2016

Jerms - Good Feelin' Yea / Bald Headed Woman

Garage / frat rock from 1965 from "Jerms". Some fuzz guitars would have made this killer, but man, i love the artwork on the 45 labels and i only paid .99 cents for it. Deal. Love the organ on Bald Headed Woman. They were from Kansas?

Jerms - Good Feelin' Yea

Jerms - Bald Headed Woman


gog magog said...

those some skookum ookpiks on that record lable

michael vee said...

yeah, from Topeka, KS, they cut two more 45s, the hilarious Good Feelin'Yeah is their second and was missing in my collection. THx a lot mate!

slovenlyeric said...

Fun stuff. Thanks.