Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dark Star - Spectre / Sounds Of The Sun

Rough, sloppy, punky, proto metal from 1977 from Dark Star. This was a long time want that i just fulfilled. Hurrah for me...

Dark Star - Spectre

Dark Star - Sounds Of The Sun


Anonymous said...

Nice filthy sound to both these tracks.
The playing's a bit rudimentary here & there & the batteries in the fuzz pedal sound like they were on their last legs, but if anything, these factors somehow only add to the appeal. Am i alone in detecting a similarity to Devo's 'Mongoloids' on the main riff in 'Sounds Of The Sun'?
Thanks as always for the opporchancity to hear these things, your generosity & work is very much appreciated.

Devil Dick said...

the ineptness totally adds to the appeal for sure!!!