Saturday, February 20, 2016

Trix - Official Business

I bought this 45 being told it was from the 70's but I don't think that is correct? This has a early 80's party metal vibe to me but I could me mistaken? Anyone have any info on the group or 45?
I really dig the really fuzzy guitars and solos...

Trix - Official Business


Anonymous said...

Aw DevilDick, you're killing me with these great recent posts.
This one, The What,Spider Kelly & Dynamite Butch all sound terrific, and are now on my wants list, but without hearing the flipsides how do i know wether to take the plunge (and to what financial extent)?
Please please post both sides of the 45s so i know what i'm getting myself into if i decide to splurge.
Having said all that, it's great to have you back in action.
Although my wife & bank manager are less pleased.
Eddie Spaghetti's Stetson

Devil Dick said...

Ha! Im taking the plunge for you. Half the work is done!