Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Palisades - This Is The Nite - Relic Rock

Cool little record on a cool little label. Front side is a doo wopper and this being from 1964 they must have been hanging on to that sound for dear life, as that was the beggining of the end for that style w/ the British invasion and all. The back side is a soulful instrumental stroller. Nothing amazing but pretty neat.

The Palisades - This Is The Nite

The Palisades - Relic Rock


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just my browser but downloading from Divshare does not work for me.

But love the stuff you put up and hopefully I will be able to listen to download them soon.

Devil Dick said...

sorry anon, i just tried the links and they are working so it must be on ur end..... :(


Your driver said...

Hey, It's Jon from California, just a note on hanging on to Doo Wop in 1964. I was a little kid but I remember there was quite a bit of teenage resistance to the British Invasion, at least in New Jersey. It was a bit of a Mods V. Rockers dust up with fans of classic doo wop along with the neo doo wop style of the Four Seasons pitted against fans of the British Invasion. The British Invasion fans were generally younger and possibly a bit more middle class than the old skoolers. I remember hearing about fist fights and even knife fights between the two factions.
Google did away with my old newsreader, so it's a little harder to follow my old favorite blogs, but I've been checking in from time to time. Thanks for your posts.

Devil Dick said...

good to hear from you Jon! and yeah i heard a bit about those early dust up in NJ too.... trying to remember but i know at one show one dude was stabbed. i think it might have been the viscounts???? gotta go look it up!
any way thnaks fot stopping by!!!