Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Hearts - Oo-Wee

Just picked this up @ the flea market. Great rockin' doo-wop/R&B by the hearts from 1955, who happen to be one of the very 1st "girl groups". I lifted the below from the web. Click the read more Here: link to read the whole deal on The Hearts.

The Hearts was a group formed in New York City in the early fifties.They were one of the very first "girl groups" that had success in the R & B field. Zell Sanders was a budding recording industry entrepreneur bucking the system as a female in a male dominated world. The Hearts consisted of Hazel Crutchfield, Forestine Barnes, Louise Harris, Joyce West, and pianist and male member Rex Garvin. Finding a label to record the group was not easy but soon Sanders had made contact with a small local label named Baton Records and its neophyte president Sol Rabinowitz. He liked what he heard and in the first few days of 1955 "Lonely Nights" and "Oo-Wee" was released on Baton # 208...

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The Hearts - Oo-Wee

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