Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Ray-O-Vacs - Party Time

Ripping early R&B Rocker. Man it's hard to beleive this is from 1955/56 because it rips so hard. Great guitar and just an killer uptempo groove. When these guys say "It's Party Time!" They mean it! I would have loved to party with these dudes... Plus they named themselves after an old battery company. Killer. Looks like they were from New York.

a bit more info HERE: Also a good blog peice on them HERE: @ Be Bop Wino:

The Ray-O-Vacs - Party Time

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WESTEX said...

Scored this on the Atco reissue early on in the year. Great tune, but every time I hear it my mind's eye goes back to the Continental Club in Austin and Ronnie Dawson. Or any stage Ronnie graced for that matter...