Thursday, June 27, 2013

Arch Of Triumph - My Year Is A Day

Gloomy pop psych from 1968 on the Date records label. I don't know anything about the group "Arch Of Triumph" but this sounds a bit like early Bee Gees and has a nice organ solo. Yeah, the 45 is a bit rough but i think i paid a quater for it.... Whatev's.

Arch Of Triumph - My Year Is A Day

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Anonymous said...

Arch of Triumph is the american name of The irresistibles in Europe.They also used another name in Usa:The beloved ones ! You can find them on utube and wat tv!
The song My year is a day was famous in France and we can still listen it on radio ! Why they disapeared? I don't know but in 1968 in France, it was a street revolution period with riots against state power and Society.....
The music composer is the french american or american french William Sheller .