Friday, April 13, 2012

Bintangs - Ridin on the L & N - Down South Blues

Dutch Rock and Roll from 1969. Very Stones influeneced. The Flaming Groovies must have listened to these guys as well or is this coincidence they sound so similar? Maybe they were both just trying to be the Stones right around the same time.....??? The cover of this 7" has seen better days but that don't make these songs any less cool.... Rock 'N Roll!

Bintangs - Ridin on the L & N

Bintangs - Down South Blues


Jerry Lee said...

Good 'n greasy, I like the handclaps. Looks like Amazon has a few CDs by these guys, thanks Dick.

Anonymous said...

Steamhammer of course also recorded this number, a live rendition on their 3rd LP. Not sure which version came first -- I'll have to do some googlin' to learn more.

John in Seattle

Devil Dick said...

Thanks guys!!!

Holly said...

Great single, thank you Devil Dick!