Monday, April 30, 2012

Angel - Good Time Fanny - Who D'Ya Think Your Fooling

Glam-rock band Angel, was a concept from Andy Scott and Mick Tucker from Sweet. The band was formed in 1974 from the members of Pebbles, at a time when bands such as Slade, Sweet, Mud and Suzi Quatro were dominating the European charts.

The band members were:

Brian Johnson: (Lead Vocals)
Joe Ryan: (Guitar)
Martin Kemp: (Bass)
Steve Rickard: (Drums)
Bob Banasiak.: (Guitar, Bob replaced Joe in August 1974)

Can you say Glam Rock Boy Band....??? Still a fun little record. But I'd rather go put some Sweet any day....

Angel - Good Time Fanny

Angel - Who D'Ya Think Your Fooling


Lightning Baltimore said...

That sure sounds like Brian Connolly singing to my ears.

billy said...

that wouldn't be the future lead singer of ACDC would it ?

billy said...

uh hang on martin kemp rings a bell too !

Devil Dick said...

hmmmm..... not sure....???