Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shrapnel - Go Cruisin' - Way Out World

Here is another in my "New Jersey" series. This is the 2nd single from NJ Pop Rock band SHRAPNEL. The band included David Wyndorf (future Monster Magnet leader), Daniel Rey (aka Daniel Rabinowitz - future Ramones producer), Phil Caivano (now also in Monster Magnet), Danny Clayton and Dave Voght (RIP).

I've known Dave Wyndorf for years but don't have a personal relationship with him, but are paths have crossed through the years, but Dave Vogt was one of the coolest and nicest guys around. He used to bar tend at certain joints around the Jersey shore and always had good things to say and was always easy flowing with the beers....

I remember seeing these guys on a local TV show waaaaaaay back in the day long before i ever heard of Monster Magnet. And i know these guys were kinda poised for success having had their own comic book back then and after 2 singles were signed to Elektra and released an EP. Not really sure what happened, but hey, their breaking up formed Monster Magnet.

I have the 1st single somewhere but for some reason i haven't been able to track this one down until now. Its a far cry from the drugged out psych rock of early Monster Magnet but its a fun little power pop rock ride for a few minuets.

Shrapnel - Go Cruisin'

Shrapnel - Way Out World


Mihaleez said...

Haha! Great post mate! Especially the video! Dave Wyndorf in a Johnny Ramone haircut and with power pop sensibilities...WOW! Space Lord Mother Fucker!

Holly said...

Very fun! How's the 1st 7"?

eddie said...

hey that video is from The Uncle Floyd show! I'd recognize those flimsy wall panels anywhere since one fell on me once. went to watch the taping and ended up in a sketch

Devil Dick said...

uncle floyd it is!!!.... 1st 7 inch i cool too if i can find i'll post it up soon!