Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Dynamic V - Adios Amigo - Hey Little Rich Girl

I'm trying cleaning out my blogger draft que of things i meant to post and never got around to doing so. Here is one 45 i was going to post a few years ago.... yep, a few years ago and never got around to it. I'm gonna try and get rid of all my drafts over the next few days so i hope you'll see a bunch of 45's over the next few days. Here is one by The Dynamic V. Don't know much about but i want to get rid of it. Its a mellow teen garage type tune from 1966. I was planning on posting the flip as well but the file is so old divshare dropped it and i don't have it in me to go back and dig up the 45 again.... Enjoy!

Edit: Per request from Holly @ Den O' Sin i went and dug up the 45 and posted the flip "Hey Little Rich Girl" Enjoy!

The Dynamic V - Adios Amigo

The Dynamic V - Hey Little Rich Girl


Holly said...

If you ever find the 7", I'd actually love to hear the flip. This stuck in my head.

1966, really? The backing track sounds like one of those home organs one of my friends had in the 70s! :-)

Jerry Lee said...

I'd love to hear Arthur Alexander sing this with some pedal steel, I hear a lot of country in this.

Devil Dick said...

i'll see if i can dig up the 45 to post the flip but don't hold me to records are a mess!!!

Anonymous said...

Holly said...

Many, many thanks!