Monday, January 23, 2012

Wan Santo Condo - I Wish I Was A Drug - A Hole

Wan Santo Condo from Austin, texas. Like Mother Love Bone or Rein Sanction before them, the hard rock quartet burned out before they could fade away.

— official bio —

If Freddy Mercury was straight and sang for Led Zeppelin
If Robert Plant moved to Seattle
If Texas had no cowboys
Then Wan Santo Condo

If a quartet was an orchestra
And the conducter on Lithium
Then Wan Santo Condo

Bob Via sings beautifully, passionately
Jason Mozersky doesn't weave or bob as
much as melodically lick it to death
The bass and drums ?
Peanut butter and jelly
Aaron Herbster
Steven Sanders
Their very own Simonon/Bonham duo
And so with all due respect to everyone
involved in referential rock poetry type bios...

I knew and know nothing about this band and bought this for the drug reference.... but hey, it aint half bad...

Wan Santo Condo - I Wish I Was A Drug

Wan Santo Condo - A Hole

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