Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mighty Sphincter - The New Manson Family


I'm not much of a Goth punk guy, but i dig this album. Killer guitar work and a real creepy vibe throughout.

The long awaited second coming. An intense interplay of bass, guitar and drums which comes together with the strength and precision of a Spiders Web. Originally available only by perception but now this record can be had by anyone with the balls and the bucks. A tribute to the spirituality of violence and required listening for anyone who aspires to grandeur. Produced by Alice Cooper.”
- from The Placebo Catalog

Member Doug Clark had this to say:

The idea to form Mighty Sphincter was solely my idea and here's how it happened. Around 1980 I was working at a drag bar and the idea of forming a band that used aspects of drag mixed with my fascination with monster movies and characters seemed like a perfectly acceptable reason to start a band. I brought some of my friends like Joe and Greg into the fold and we started practicing immediately, just in time to open for the Feederz who I had played with before. I brought Ron Reckless into the band because we wanted to make fun of all the incredibly annoying hardcore bands that started touring all over the country. It had become so that the emphasis wasn't on presentation or content of the bands or their songs of the time, but just on how fast you could play. So we started playing with all these crappy hardcore bands in order to make fun of them and to show that we knew how to play. Actually Mighty Sphincter was started to make fun of the entire punk scene in general, I mean if you look at the lyrics of every song on the first two albums, it's just that apparent. "Impetigo" was actually a song that made fun of one of the local girls who had to be "punk rock" and had gotten impetigo from a homemade piercing. Anyways, making fun of the entire punk scene worked. All of the band has always focused on making fun of everything, even ourselves. Christians, gays, punk rockers... Nothing was sacred when it came to being made fun of and we took every opportunity to do so, and still do.”

Familys back together again, spreading blood and sin
We got more drugs, we got more guns and this time we’ve won
Will take your daughters in the night, Will teach em’ to fuck
Will teach em’ to kill, with drugs in their heads and knives in their hands
Will send them out with charlies plan!
Kill kill the pigs kill cut out their eyes
Kill kill the pigs, kill rip off their ears…

(PS - Alice Cooper did NOT actually produce this album as stated on the back but in 1986 when i bought it that was a HUGE selling point with me. Either way this is an odd slice of Horror Goth Punk or Whatever you want to call it.... Placebo records always put out some weird shit and this is no fucking different!

Mighty Sphincter - The New Manson Family


PosthuMouse said...

You had me at Alice Cooper.

PosthuMouse said...

Oh. Read first, post second. Still not bad.

Mighty High said...

I used to love this tape and played it all the time on my college radio shows when it came out. The fake Alice Cooper credit is what got me interested in them. Years later when I discovered it wasn't true, I still thought it was kinda cool.