Friday, April 16, 2010

The Camel Drivers - Sunday Morning 6 O'Clock - Give It A Try

More garagey pop 60's style tunage w/ a slight psych bend: with the camel drivers: you can read an interview with the drummer Here; i found it on another blog. Sunday Morning 6 O'Clock has the kind of Brit Pop sound that sounds as if it could have been on the 1st Bee Gee's record. (Yeah i know they were from Down Under but by way of England) While Give It A Try is a bit Brighter sounding with some uptempo horns that gives is a little more pop sound. Either way 2 pretty good songs... i guess these guys were from Michigan and had done some traveling / touring to the asbury Park, NJ area according to the interview above, which may explain how this platter found its way into may grubby little hands, if that matters to you...???

The Camel Drivers - Sunday Morning 6 O'Clock
The Camel Drivers - Give It A Try

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Timmy said...

A mid-piss stream cross betwixt "Mellow Yellow" & "Six O'Clock" & some sort of toxic marshmellow dork who must have actually TRIED to sound like Darrin Stevens' bewitchitahed lineman. Thanx! A good 'un...