Friday, November 13, 2009

The Classics - Enie Minie Mo

Formed as the Perennials in 1958 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. The Classics were a one-hit vocal group who made the Top 20 in 1963 with a doo-wop version of the Mills Brothers’ hit ‘Till Then’. The group, all from Brooklyn, comprised Emil Stucchio (9 April 1944; lead vocals), Tony Victor (b. 11 April 1943; first tenor), Johnny Gambale (b. 4 February 1942; second tenor) and Jamie Troy (b. 22 November 1942; bass singer). The quartet all lived in the same street, attended the same high school and by 1958 had developed an act to perform at local events. They changed their name to the Classics at the suggestion of a local club performer. They were introduced to the owner of the small Dart label and recorded three singles for that company, none of which saw significant sales. Switching to the Musicnote label in 1963 they covered the 1944 Mills Brothers ballad and it became a local favourite, eventually peaking at number 20 in the USA. Further singles for Musicnote and other small companies failed and the group disbanded in the mid-60s, without releasing any albums.

This is the flip to the '63 hit and a much cooler tune imho...

The Classics - Enie Minie Mo


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