Monday, November 9, 2009

Billy Emerson - When It Rains It Pours

You know the devil does the best he can round these musical parts but i am bottom feeder of musical sorts. i don't wheel and deal or sell on ebay, i am true music fan and i really do love music and collecting records. but i am a man of smalls means, which means there a millions records on the devils want list, but i do what i can... and while this 1964 version of Billy "The Kid" Emerson's "When it rains it pours" aint the original 1955 version on Sun records, it is a great version and a version the devil could actually afford to buy... So please enjoy and maybe one day i will sneak into the Red Boys apartment and swipe his OG copy...

As for Mr. Emerson:

William Robert Emerson, known as Billy "The Kid" Emerson (born 21 December 1929), is an African-American R&B and rock and roll singer and songwriter best known for his 1955 song, "Red Hot".

He was born in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and learned the piano, playing in various local bands. Following a spell in one group, dressed as outlaws, he picked up the nickname "Billy The Kid". He joined the Air Force in 1952, and on his discharge met up in Memphis with bandleader Ike Turner, who recruited him into his Kings of Rhythm.

In 1954 he released his first record on the Sun label, "No Teasing Around", following which he left Turner's band and joined a group led by Phineas Newborn. He stayed with Sun as a songwriter, writing and recording "When It Rains It Really Pours", later recorded by Elvis Presley, and "Red Hot", which later became a hit for both Billy Lee Riley and Bob Luman.

In late 1955 he joined Vee-Jay Records in Chicago, making sophisticated records such as "Every Woman I Know (Crazy 'Bout Automobiles)", released a year later but with little commercial success, and soon afterwards moved to Chess Records. However, he continued to have more success as a songwriter, writing for Junior Wells, Willie Mabon, Wynonie Harris and Buddy Guy during the early 1960s, often in conjunction with Willie Dixon.

Billy Emerson - When It Rains It Pours


Axe Victim said...

I found this blog because we both list Stray. I play Stray all the time on my shows.

dk said...

Nice label - very patriotic!

Todd Lucas said...

Ah yes, the USA label, so interesting and reliable.

Your driver said...

Great stuff. Red Hot and Every Woman I Know are two of my favorite songs. I didn't even know Emerson was Black.