Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Terry Knight and the Pack - Got Love - Better Man Than I

Hello folks, please excuse my absence over the last few days but i am back.

Did you miss me???

I'm going to do my best to get back into the swinng of things 'round these parts and here's a couple a hip cuts from 1966 to break back in...

Hailing from the Flint, Michigan, Terry Knight and the Pack achieved semi-legendary status during their short formation between 1965 and '67.

Previous DJ sensation and indefatigable self-promoter Terry Knight fronted the act as singer and songwriter. Don Brewer and Mark Farner played drums and bass, respectively. Curt Johnson supplied fuzz guitar solos while Bobby Caldwell provided melodic keyboards.

A quintessential garage band, TK&TP openly imitated best-selling rockers of the mid-'60s, especially the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. Due to the band's lack of refinement and Knight's compositional idiosyncrasies, much of their material transcends its inspiration to qualify as lost classics of the Nuggets era.

Six of their nine 45s made regional Top 40s throughout Michigan, Ohio and New York, with two of them - "Mister, You're A Better Man Than I" (originally by The Yardbirds) and "I (Who Have Nothing)" (a cover of a Ben E. King song) - hitting the national charts. "I (Who Have Nothing)" went to #46 and earned the band an appearance on Dick Clark's television program Where The Action Is.

TK&TP were mainstays on Cleveland's TV rock & roll showcase, Upbeat. In addition, they opened regional gigs for the Rolling Stones, Dave Clark Five and The Yardbirds. Michigan newspapers lavished praise upon the band, with extensive coverage by Lorraine Alterman (later of The New York Times).

After their second LP, Reflections, Knight left the band to pursue a frustrated solo career as producer and singer. The Pack continued without Knight with even less success. The band was largely forgotten until Farner and Brewer formed the nucleus of Capitol Records' best-selling act of the early '70s, Grand Funk Railroad, initially managed and produced by Knight.

Terry Knight and the Pack - Got Love

Terry Knight and the Pack - Better Man Than I


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Larry Grogan said...

I don't know if you knew this, but 'M. Hugg' in the writing credits is Mike Hugg of Manfred Mann. I don't know who the other Hugg is as I've never seen 'Mister..' credited to anyone but Mike.

Devil Dick said...

Thanks Larry that's some cool info i did not know!

Mondo said...

Did you know Sham 69 the UK punk band covered 'Better Man Than I' in about 79 I think.

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