Friday, February 1, 2008

Forward to the Caves Play List 1/31/08 & Thanks!

Fisrt off i'd like to thank everyone who has come over to this little vinyl mess of a blog here and checked out what is going on or left comments.

As I said in my title up there this is an “eclectic” musical voyage so if something here isn’t really up your alley please do check back from time to time as I will be hitting all corners of the music world before I am through, and I won’t be through until I am through, dig?

I really want to keep this spot open and ready for anything so with that I say again, thanks for reading, so far it’s been a blast…

Now for those paying attention at home: here is what we played last night on the forward to the caves radio show.

Click - Many Times Jimbo
Incredible Hog - To the Sea
Steel Mill - Get on the Line
Morgen - Welcome to Void
Poobah – Mr. Destroyer
Dischas - Never, Never
White Lightning - William
Power of Zeus - In the Night
Atomic Rooster - All in the Name of Satan

Blackwater Park - Rock Song
Rare Bird - Hammerhead
Host - Dit Vi Ma
Silberbart - Head Tear of the Drunken Son
Spooky Tooth - Fantasy Satisfier

The Skunks - Heart Teaser
Edward Bear - Egdeware Station
Stack Waddy - Mothballs
Joseph - I ain't Fattenin' No more Frogs for Snakes
Warpig - Tough Nuts
Cactus - Feel so Bad

White Witch - The Gift
Yesterdays Children - Paranoid
Mercy - Fireball
Right of Way - Midnight Hour
What-Knots - I Ain't Dead yet
The Gents - I Wonder Why
Wishbone Ash - Torture Queen

Man the 2 hours just flies by and we really didn't even get close to playing all the records we brought with us but if anyone was checking in i hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time!

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Anonymous said...

Yet another great playlist.

Any idea when the podcasting will become a reality??