Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mixed Bag O' Rocks - A Devil Dick Mix / The Devils Music #29

Just a bunch of dumb rocks. Stuff I've been downloading for my own listening pleasure??? Mostly guitar rockers with a few twists. I think this is my 29th mix? Enjoy.

1 - Asia - Thunder Rider

12 - Roy Harper - When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease

Mixed Bag O' Rocks - A Devil Dick Mix / The Devils Music #29


Andreas said...

What's that first song?

Andreas said...

What's the name of the first band? Great song!

Anonymous said...

Long time fan, first time poster.
This, my friend, is probably the best mix so far!
Perfect sweaty day beach music.

Devil Dick said...

glad you dig it Anon!

Andreas, that's not how this works! you guess 'em and i'll post 'em!!!


snakeboy said...

Enjoying the comp.
First band is Shocking Blue isn't it?

Devil Dick said...

Glad you like snake boy but nope, not shocking blue!

M_Sharp said...

Yo, Dick - the song that starts at 50:30 is Roy Harper’s “The Game (Parts 1-5)” from his album “When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease”. I haven’t listened to that one in years, time to break out the original vinyl. “Grownups Are Just Silly Children” is a good one too.

I’m pretty sure the first song is by The Trust Fund Tarts with Tiffany Trump on lead vocal. Otherwise, you stumped me. Good mix!

Devil Dick said...

Roy Harper is correct! Trust fund tarts is not correct.

Prophecy said...

I would have opted for Shocking Blue as well. Great comp in any case!

Andreas said...

I got the opener!
Asia, from "Armed to the Teeth", not to be confused with the pomp Brits

Devil Dick said...


prunalogsusan said...

dang man! totally stumped on this one, listened through a couple times now, cant guess a single one. another ace mix my friend, thanks again!!!