Thursday, May 5, 2016

Writing On The Wall - Child On A Crossing / Lucifer Corpus

Heavy progressive rock from 1969 by Writing on the Wall. Check out the Writing On The Wall website. Later.

Writing On The Wall - Child On A Crossing

Writing On The Wall - Lucifer Corpus


Tim Klecha said...

They're doing it again Devil. permission denied on both songs.

I have to tell you that my newest comp Welcome To The Obscure Vol. 7 (4CD) features 2 discs of you singles. nice to have them in one place.

Devil Dick said...

damn it!!! I will fix it and put them on zippy share.....

How do i get a copy of your welcome to the obscure comp!??!?!????

prunalogsusan said...

ahh yess! another of my faves! they tacked these tracks onto the power of the picts LP i have. fricken great stuff!!! thanks again

,also link works now

Anonymous said...

Hi DD,
as promised (and sorry for the delay in getting this to you), here is the unreleased 2nd BAXTER album 'Dance Of Delight' from 1974.

The txt file in the rar explains all the whys wheres & whens of the band & this record, and the rar contains full CD cover art too.
Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for all the music you've shared over the months/years, it's nice to be able to return the favour.