Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spider Kelly - Infatuation

I had a complete and total computer failure after 10 years of filling it up with music and pictures and pretty much lost everything. Fresh start i guess. Still way bummed out but the wife bought me an early 50th birthday present. Yeah, I will be fucking 50 this year. Fuck me.... I NEVER thought i'd live this long but i am glad i did. So here is the 1st post on the new computer. A 45 i just picked up online. I knew nothing about this and had never seen it, but how can you go wrong with a dude named "Spider Kelly" and a song called "Infatuation" on "Criminal Records"? Don't know the year and anything else really. It's a good thud / bone head rocker, which is where my head is at these daze.... Enjoy!

Spider Kelly - Infatuation


Anonymous said...

Dick! I just turned 50 too, it's not so bad, just a bit creakier.


Devil Dick said...

Not loving the creaks that come with this age stuff!

WtFB? said...

If it was the hard drive you may still be able to save it.. My hard drive died last year- thought I lost everything. Took it to a few shops, one of them got everything back for me. About $400-500 if I recall.

prunalogsusan said...

fricken hate computers! but almost totally rely on them for silly things. i lost a crap load of stuff when my old one broke down. that sucks. ahh life goes on i suppose, er so i've heard. happy 50 my man!!!

frick said...

devil is back today, maybe take my blues away.
congrats whens you do hit 50